Kidderminster Arts Festival aims to create and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for every member of the community and audience. This is in the interest of not only safety, but also in interest of providing an enjoyable experience for everybody.


Kidderminster Arts Festival is an outdoor and indoor event which takes place around Kidderminster town, in public buildings, parks, streets and town squares.

There is flat access into, or lift access between all the public areas of the festival, and between more car parks. However there are moderate to steep slopes from Kidderminster Train Station into town.


Name: Philippa Hunt

Contact details: 01562 732 979, or

Experience: Experience in pastoral or therapy assistant roles working with people with Cerebral Palsy, ABI, Depression, Anxiety and Stroke. 


There are both accessible and disabled parking available in Kidderminster Town Centre. Please contact us for further information on disabled parking, or refer to the map below for general accessbie parking.


Taxi Drop-off/Pick-up is available adjacent to the Town Hall.


Kidderminster Train Station is 0.5 miles (0.8 km) from the centre of Kidderminster (Town Hall, Vicar Street, Worcester Street and Exchange Place - where the ticket office is located and the bulk of events will take place)

Kidderminster Bus Station is 0.1 miles from the Town Hall. There is also a bus stop (Town Hall, Stand A) right outside the Town Hall.


If you wish to be met by a festival member of staff of volunteer on your arrival, please do contact us and let us know ahead of time.


Kidderminster Town Hall houses a disabled toilet via ramp access. These will be sign-posted, but should you require any assistance please do make contact with one of the festival staff or volunteers who will be on site and available at all times.

Accessible public toilets are available in various locations including the short stay car park detail on the map. A full list is available here.


Our Access Contact has experience working with physically disabled persons, as well as with people suffering mental distress. If anything worries or upsets you, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. We are here to keep you safe and ensure you have a great chance to enjoy a very relaxed event.

There are also PCSOs and police officers who will maintain a constant presence througout the festival in various locations, and can be sought out to respond to any concerns of difficulties you may encounter.


All staff and volunteers have been briefed on responding to and working effictively and empathetically with festival goers who may need a little extra assistance, or who find public spaces or crowds intimidating. 


We will have saftey barriers between pedestrianised areas and roads.

We do not expect uncomfortable crowds - all event goers will be organised to make sure their space audience is comfortable. 

However, the Kidderminster Fringe Festival on 19th August is a music event, so noise and jostling crowds will likely occur - certainly the noise! If you would like to attend but busy crowds worry you, please do email in advance if you feel you need some reassurance or to plan some assistance. Or simply make contact with a member of staff or volunteer on the day.


We are pleased to have BSL Interpretors available at all performances that include dialogue.


Assistance dogs are welcome.

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